The Japanese comic "Kaminaki sekai no Kamisama katsudo" is serialized on the website "Comiplex".

"Kaminaki sekai no Kamisama katsudo" is getting a TV anime adaptation!

The protagonist, a young man, has been reincarnated in another world with a much lower standard of civilization than modern society.
The village he begins to live in is a village of people who are considered stragglers from the great empire of that world.
Unable to adapt to the social system enforced by the Empire, he begins a rebellion against the Empire, with these villagers as his friends.


【EP.40】This is the latest episode.


【Here's the first episode!】

The TV animation of "kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudo" will be broadcast from April 2023.
Official website of the TV anime!

The manga series is currently on sale in volumes one through six!




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Official site in Comiplex

Original author : Akashiro aoi
Comic : Hangetsubansonsyo

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